Talk on Wednesday at 11:00

Global crystal structure optimization with ASE (and with a little help from DFTB)

Maxime Van den Bossche
Institut des Nanosciences de Paris, UMR-7588, Paris, France

Slides (pdf)

I will mainly talk about the genetic algorithm functionality in ASE, where I have implemented various tools for global optimization of bulk compounds. These comprise random structure generators, genetic operators, and a structure comparator. This has been part of an effort to develop an efficient structure prediction approach in conjunction with automatic density functional tight-binding (DFTB) parametrization strategies [1,2,3]. Related changes in the DFTB+ and QuantumEspresso calculators will also be briefly discussed. Ideas for future work include (1) expanding the set of examples/tutorials and (2) merging the 3D-periodic and non-periodic tools into one set that can handle any periodicity.

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